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Expert Analysis and Gold Price Prediction

In few days, Gold sharply fell by 4%. So, is it a good time to buy Gold?

Key factors That Influence Gold Prices

  1. Federal Monetary Policy
  2. Federal Future Announcements
  3. World Economic Data
  4. Supply and Demand
  5. Inflation
  6. Currency Movement
  7. Uncertainty
  8. ETFs

Why has the Gold price fallen?

The annual inflation rate for the United States has been 5.0% for the past 12 months; this ended May 2021 after rising 4.2% previously.

When inflation increases, investors move to a secure investment like Gold, classified as a “safe-haven”. They do this to avoid uncertainty. An increase in Gold investment triggered price rising from march 2021 and reached $1900 per ounce considering high inflation and fed policy uncertainty.

Federal Reserve officials left policy unchanged on 16th June, 2021 Wednesday. However, they moved up expectations for two interest rate increases by the end of 2023, triggering some panic selling in the precious metals markets.

What is the Gold Future Prediction by Banks, Analysts and other experts?


Why Invest in Gold and What EVOL TRADER Says?

If you are a long-term investor and can hold your open positions, you could buy Gold now and in every dip. However, technical analysis, pivot support, and resistance can give short-to-medium-term indications of when to buy.

If we look at the history of 100 years, gold price rose during and after every recession to hedge against inflations and market fear. We, evol trader, see the gold price at $2000 in the year 2021.

We may see volatility or a further downtrend for the shorter period, so be cautious if you are trading in a shorter span or would like to hold the position for a few hours, days or weeks.

If we consider the last 50 years, inflation significantly contributes to increasing gold price. For example, whenever inflation was 5% or more, we have seen a 16% gain in Gold every year.

  • Wealth preservation Many investors have trusted Gold for its wealth preservation qualities. Consider the comparison between owning USD 100 worth of Gold in 1980 and owning a USD 100 currency. Since then, gold value increased; however, the currency is still 100 USD.

  • Hedge Gold prices often appreciate alongside rising inflations rates and a depreciating dollar. For this reason, investors may look to buy Gold as a hedging asset when they realise they are losing money. It follows the general logic that Gold often maintains its value or even appreciates when the dollar’s value falls.

  • Safe haven Unlike currencies, Gold is not directly impacted by interest rate decisions and cannot be printed to control its supply and demand. Gold is a scarce asset that has maintained its value over time and has proven worth acting as an insurance policy during adverse economic events. Because of this, Gold is considered a safe haven by many investors.

  • Portfolio diversification A balanced portfolio will often include diversification assets like Gold, which are commonly negatively correlated to the stock market. Having a diverse investment portfolio helps to reduce risk and volatility for investors.


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