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Hand over your Trading to a Forex Robot

Let it work for you, while you carry on with your day to day life.

Don’t have any knowledge about Forex Trading? Have knowledge, but don’t have time to sit in front of the system the whole day? Or have both, but can’t seem to succeed in booking satisfying profit so far.

Worry not, if any of the above scenarios applies to you.

Because, Evol Trader is the Forex Trading Robot that performs trading in the Forex Market on behalf of you.

The best thing about this robot is that, it’s a robot and not a human!

Just because, a Trading Robot can perform functions that a human mind is simply not capable of and have emotions such as; fear or greed out of the equation.

Trading Robot is a software that can read multiple charts simultaneously and calculates complex data functions in milliseconds which can range in millions.

Moreover, Forex Market is a highly volatile market, where price fluctuates in split seconds and whether you win or lose can depend on many factors.

“Fear and Greed: Evil Emotions”

While, wrong decisions based on panic or desire to squeeze the most profit can be fatal. All these happen because of emotions that mess up our logic in critical moments.

The repent is real, not to mention the capital loss that comes along with it.

While, Forex Robot is free from the burden of all these emotions. It only follows the pre-programmed instructions in all the possible scenarios of trading and always takes a well-informed decision for you.

Drawdown: Stop trading after certain no. of losses

Humans can’t resist the temptation to bet more aggressively while losing, which again is based on emotion rather than logic.

While Forex Robots have drawdown limit set in the programme which stops trading after maximum allowed no. of losing trades have occurred. Smart, hun!


Backtesting is a method of determining the effectiveness of a trading strategy by examining how it will perform in the real world using historical data.

The trading Robot has all the strategy backtested and only viable strategy is picked from in order to place a trade. Which dramatically improves the success ratio compared to manual trading.

Be an investor, not a speculator

While trading of any sort is considered as a speculation, rather than a sure shot way of making money.

Where winning or losing has equal probability, which makes it a high-risk pathway to make money, where the reward is higher and so is the loss.

This is also where Forex Robot Trading can come to the rescue to those who don’t have the capacity to take high risk that comes along with Forex Trading.

Its well tested strategy dramatically reduced the probability of loss, which makes it a lot safer alternative compared to conventional manual trading.

Forex Trading Robot can place trade of any small amount up to infinity, while ensuring maximum return on investment.

So, anyone can take advantage of this 6.6. trillion-dollar worth of trading market to earn extra money.


Evol Trader : Fully Automated Trading Robot

We Evol Trader provides a fully automated trading system for forex, commodity and Indices. Our advanced system is designed to make the most profitable trades.

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