What is Commodities Trading?

A commodity market involves purchasing, selling, or exchanging raw products such as Gold, Silver, Oil, Copper, Coffee and many more.

Two types of commodities:

Hard commodities

  • Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper

Soft commodities

  • Energy: Crude oil, Gasoline, Heating gas and many more.
  • Livestock: Wheat, Rice, Heating Cocoa, Ragi and many more.

Commodity trading with Evol Trader is straightforward. Evol Trader provides a platform for traders to trade commodities easily.

Indices Trading

How do Commodities work?

Commodities trading works in the same way as speculating on any other market in which buyers and sellers come together to exchange goods. It's a virtual or a physical space, where one can buy, sell or trade various commodities at current or future date.

Why Trade Commodity with Evol Trader?

  • Automated Commodity Robotic Trading System
  • The robot provides lightning-fast trade execution.
  • Potentially higher market exposure
  • The world's Popular market
  • Trading is available for 24 hours 5 days
  • Our friendly customer service is available
  • Plenty of trading opportunities
  • Leverage can boost gains
  • Around the clock trading
  • Portfolio diversification
Product Descriptions
XAU_USD Spot Gold
XAG_USD Spot Silver
XPT_USD Spot Platinum
XPD_USD Spot Palladium
USOil Crude Oil Futures
NGAS Natural gas futures
Copper High-Grade Copper